Our Guarantee

Money back guarantee

We want you to be completely and perfectly satisfied, which is why we offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee from the date of your order.

It would be nice and helpful for us to receive feedback on the reasons for your return of product to improve our service, but of course only if you wish to do so. In any case your guarantee is 100% in case of return of goods...

We simply ask you to return the bottle(s) with the unused portion of your product.

Here's how it works

  • Contact our customer service team, we will provide you with an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) and we will also provide you with the addressing label to return the goods to us. We made this as simple and easy as possible.
  • Return the bottle with the unused product, the original invoice that was sent to you with your product (if you had lost it, please tell us the exact date of purchase so we can try to find the trace) and the RMA number you received.
  • If you wants to pay the postage back. We recommend sending your return with an acknowledgment of receipt to speed up the refund process. If the package is stamped "return refused" or "not deliverable", we will refund the amount of your order minus the shipping costs inherent in the rejection of the package. Note: we must receive your bottle (s) no later than 60 days after the date of your order for your refund to be authorized.
  • Invoices are refundable except shipping and handling charges. We really want you to be satisfied, but we must obey the rules above in order to be fair and equal for all.

Returning the product by not following our refund rules above will result in the loss of your refund to the address on this page.

It usually takes a week to process your package and then 10 to 14 business days for a refund of payment by direct debit card or credit card.

For EU Consumers: Directive 2011/83 / EU provides you the right to cancel your purchase within (fourteen) 14 days for any reason. The 14 day 'Right of Withdrawal' period begins with the date you receive the product. If you want to cancel your order